Embrace New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Hey guys,

After a much needed mental break, I’m back…

I just wanted to give you all a quick update on what has been going on with me lately. For the last couple of weeks I have not been blogging as much as I would have liked too, and if you haven’t noticed there has not been any “Get Your Mind Right Monday” posts for the past few weeks (CRAZY, I KNOW!).

At the beginning of March there was a huge unexpected bomb dropped on me (and my friends/Co-Workers), I mean this came out of left field for me. I personally felt like I had been hit by a train physically and mentally and I was forced to make a decision as to what my next move was going to be for my family and I. I guess this just goes to show that you can’t get to comfortable in your current situation. I am a true believer that when God closes one door, another one opens with bigger and better opportunities.

One season of my life is coming to an end and a new one is beginning.

Don’t get me wrong, even though now I know that I am destined to accomplish great things in this next season of my life, my stress level had been off the charts for the last few weeks. I literally had to force myself to snap out of it, put a smile on my face, and take on the days as if everything was all good (I am pretty good at faking it until I make it). So I say all of that to say this, “I am only human”.

I was stuck in a mental rut, and it has taken me weeks to get back to a positive mindset. It has been so hard for me to stop focusing on what is happening in the present and focus on the positive that is to come in the near future (if that makes any sense at all). And I believe the reason for me having a “mental breakdown/blockage” is because I allowed myself to open up and get so comfortable with everything and everyone in my current situation, and I just have not been ready to let it all go.

So as I finally start to except that this season is over, I am slowly allowing myself to embrace the change and embrace all of the amazing opportunities that are coming my way. It is time to stop stressing and dwelling on the negative of the situation and really take my life head on and run with it in faith.

I am too blessed to be stressed!

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Get your Mind Right Mondays – Rewind

Start the week off right with a positive outlook on the week ahead.

If you get your mind right on Monday then the rest of the week should be easy breezy.



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Get your mind right Quote for MONDAY: 

“Tomorrow is a new day”.

Today was one of those days, you know those day that you wish you can press rewind and start all over again.

First of all I have not had a good night sleep in over 2 weeks and last night was no exception. My Monday morning started off so just not right, first I woke up later than I wanted to, then of course I couldn’t find anything to ware because I was totally having a “FAT” day. Oh did I mention that I forgot to put on make up, and by the time I remembered I was already running late and could not put my face together and/or grab my make up bag to apply it at work. It just seemed like one thing led to another today, and I could not shake the negativity that was coming my way.

All I kept thinking all day was that I wish I could press rewind and start this day all over. If I could only restart this day I could change the outcome of everything and shake the case of the Mondays. As today starts to come to an end, I have reminded my self that tomorrow is a new day. A day that I know will be an amazing day, because this Monday will be put in the past.

Thanks God for a new day!

I hope you all have a positive and fabulous week, now that Monday is behind us.

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